What Religions and Beliefs Are Popular in the US Nowadays?

The United States is constantly changing, and our society is adjusting to the changes that occur in our world regularly. Because of that, there are a lot of different things that we should be exploring, including the impact of religion on our world and our country. What religions are popular in the United States now? What belief systems are people following and what do we need to consider with that? Here’s a good look at some religions in the US.

Christianity has always been a major religion in the United States, and continues to be, but it’s definitely not as much as it was a while back. Christianity is also a religion that is morphing and changing. There seems to be more divides within the church than ever before, and it’s interesting to see how that is making a difference in how the country functions. It’s something to keep an eye on and understand as you see what’s going on in our world.

Buddhism is more of a practice than a religion, but it still bears mentioning in a religion discussion. There are so many different ways to practice Buddhism, and many people blend Buddhism with other faiths (progressive Christianity is especially known for doing this, but there are others as well). More often than not, people practice aspects of Buddhism including meditation, centering, and other “new world” techniques that can help them to find peace and live well.

Atheism/Agnosticism/Secular Humanism
While many people insist that these are not, in fact, religions, they are belief systems that emphasize the goodness of people and the importance of living in today’s world, rather than living for the next life. Many of them do not focus on any sort of deity, but rather the human spirit and what it is that humans can do of their own power and free will. Some people who follow these ways of life are resentful toward organized religion, whereas others are merely without belief and just live their lives to the best of their abilities.

Other Faiths
There are as many faiths as there are people groups throughout the country, from native religions, to Hinduism, to Judaism, and everything in between. There’s a lot to be said when it comes to looking at the big picture of religion and belief in the United States, and as you look at what may be involved there, you will notice that there are a lot of changes and patterns that we should keep an eye on, now and in the future.


As our religious cultures change, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what is going on and how we may be looking to proceed with what is going on there. There is a lot to be said about religion and its impact on our country and, as time goes on, it’s likely that there are more people than ever who are looking to find what religion is doing in our country.